Can You Repair A Sewer Pipe Under A Swimming Pool?

Can You Repair A Sewer Pipe Under A Swimming Pool?

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A sewer inspection may reveal a leaky pipe located beneath your swimming pool. Does this mean you have to drain and demolish your beloved and expensive pool to access the pipe? We’ll explain how modern technology can repair sewer pipes under a pool with minimal disruption and digging.

How Swimming Pools Damage Underground Pipes

Most pool installers will no longer install swimming pool units directly above a pipeline. However, some older homes have pools right over the pipes. In earlier times, installers and homeowners paid no attention to the pipes, believing they were safe from all natural and man-made activities. They didn’t know at the time that the pool can indirectly damage the pipes.

Pool installers use heavy machinery to dig a hole for an in-ground pool. The equipment can accidentally crush or puncture a pipe, and the damage goes undetected until long after the pool is put in place.

Homeowners who install pools may also plant trees adjacent to the pool. These provide shade for the water, preventing it from warming up during the summer. As the tree grows, the roots can extend and make their way into the pipeline. Tree root intrusion is a major cause of pipe damage and requires repairs using a roto rooter.

Repairing the Pipe

The average cost of an in-ground pool installation is nearly $22,000. Demolishing the pool to restore the pipe would be quite agonizing for the homeowner. Fortunately, modern utility installation services utilize trenchless repair techniques to inspect and access the pipe with little to no digging. Simply put, you do not have to sacrifice your expensive pool.

We Repair Pipes Under Swimming Pools

Do you notice symptoms of a leaky pipeline? Contact Sewer Solutions to locate the source of the leak. Our special offers are affordable with great service including, but not limited to camera inspections on select repairs. We repair sewer pipes under swimming pools and can do so without compromising your expensive investment.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.