Commercial Trenchless Pipelining


Once an extremely messy affair, sewer cleaning and relining or replacement used to require your yard be exhumed, overturning your gardens and beautiful flowerbeds and sometimes even requiring concrete demolition. For businesses, deep holes taped off around your property were unsightly and off-putting to customers. Now, thanks to new trenchless sewer line relining technologies, sewer pipe repair and replacement can be accomplished without turning your Seattle property inside out!

At Sewer Solutions Northwest, we provide commercial property owners with viable sewer and drain repair services. Commercial pipes work every day to complete tasks like going to the bathroom at the mall or washing the dishes at a restaurant. Our team specializes in commercial pipes because we do not want business owners to suffer because their pipes are not working which deters customers and puts employees out of a job until they are properly repaired. Working with the industry professionals at Sewer Solutions Northwest provides you with durable and affordable pipe repair services you can rely on all year long. Our team services various commercial buildings such as grocery stores, indoor and outdoor shopping malls, recreational facilities, cafes, bookstores, gas stations, and office buildings.

The Value of Pipe Inspection for Your Commercial Pipes

In order to make the pipe repair process go as smooth as possible, we begin by inspecting your commercial pipes. Pipe inspection also is known as sewer camera inspection is a quick and easy process. We will locate the nearest cleanout hole on your commercial property which is a point that provides us with direct access to your pipelines. If there is not a cleanout hole readily available to use, we will dig a strategically placed hole that will be used throughout the pipe repair process. A single high-definition camera will be inserted into your pipe via the cleanout hole. As the camera moves through your drains, it will allow our team to see a real-time view of your commercial pipe’s interior and locate the area of your pipe that needs repair.

Prepping Your Commercial Pipes for Repair

After your commercial pipes are inspected and we have assessed your commercial pipes, we will thoroughly clean them to make sure the repair is conducted on a clear pipe. The most reliable form of drain cleaning we use at Sewer Solutions Northwest is hydro jetting. Hydro jetting requires our team fitting a multi-directional nozzle onto a hose. The hose and nozzle are sent into your pipeline and when properly in place, we will release high-pressure clean water into your drain. The water pressure is powerful enough to remove calcified clogs and tree roots but not powerful enough to causes additional damage within your pipe. Once the interior of your pipe is cleaned, it will be ready for repair.

Commercial Pipe Repair in Seattle

The commercial sewer repair process need to be seamless so the pipe can be restored to their former function in a timely manner. Trenchless pipe lining is the number one way to restore your commercial pipes. We saturate a felt liner with a special epoxy mix. Once the liner is saturated, we will insert it into your pipe. As it moves through your pipe, it will coat the interior walls sealing all imperfections like cracks and leaks. The liner is left in place for about 60 minutes if heat is used. When the curing process is complete, the liner will be removed and your pipes will be inspected one more time to ensure there is a brand-new pipe within your existing one.

Business owners can rely on trenchless pipe lining to properly solve their sewer and drain problems. Sewer camera inspection, drain cleaning, and trenchless pipelining can be conducted on a variety of commercial systems, pipe diameters, and pipe materials. Our team at Sewer Solutions Northwest is standing by and ready to meet your commercial properties needs, so give us a call today.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.

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