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Do You Have a “Belly” in Your Pipeline?

Plumbers use a lot of jargon that may not make sense to the layperson. One common plumbing term is a “belly in the pipes” or “belly in the sewer lines.” What exactly is a bellied pipe? If a sewer cleaner mentions this in an inspection, then repairs may be needed.

Bellied Pipe Explained

The term “bellied pipe,” also known as a “low spot,” essentially refers to a pipeline that’s sagging. A bellied pipe usually occurs as a result of improper installation, particularly when the installer uses insufficient bedding. Pipeline and trench bedding consists of a number of materials which provide a solid surface for the pipe to rest on. Without bedding, the pipeline becomes susceptible to sagging from shifting soil or poor soil compaction.

A bellied pipe can only be fixed by manually repairing the line. A camera inspection will usually reveal the presence of a sagging pipe, the severity of it, and whether it requires immediate repairs.

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Implications of a Bellied Pipe

A low spot will trap water much the same way as a P-trap pipe under your bathroom. This may not necessarily cause problems, and your pipes may continue to function normally. However, solid waste can collect in the low spot, causing a soft backup. This isn’t anything too serious and can usually be fixed by a local plumber using a typical manual auger. However, the low spot should still be corrected to prevent the need to clear a backup every few months.

We’ll Get that Low Spot Fixed

Contact Sewer Solutions to schedule a routine sewer inspection. As a utility installation and pipeline relining service, we serve clients at both the residential and municipal level. Our special offers make repairs and camera inspections affordable. A bellied pipe is a defect we run into often. We can repair the pipe so water will resume flowing normally.

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