What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is the ultimate trenchless replacement method. At its most basic level, this method involves intentionally breaking damaged sewer systems with trenchless techniques. This makes replacement easier and safer than the more traditional digging methods.

First, a cone-shaped bursting head is attached to a replacement pipe then fed through the entry point to the broken sewer line. As the point breaks up the existing pipe, the new pipe is fed into place and fills the cavity left behind by the bursting head.

Benefits of pipe bursting include:

  • Less labor-intensive work — No digging means easier work without heavy machinery or manual labor.
  • Less damage to the site —  When there is less damage, there is less cleanup and fewer repairs to be made.
  • Fewer repair costs — Pipe bursting saves money by using fewer laborers to both perform the repairs and restore your yard to its previous, beautiful condition.
  • Improved safety — Excavations are hazardous, as they can often dig up mold and asbestos. Skip the digging altogether to protect you and your family.
  • Increased flow — Installing a larger pipe with pipe bursting allows for smoother flow and fewer chances for blockages.

If you are ready to replace your pipes quickly, safely, and with minimal damage to your property, contact Sewer Solutions Northwest. We look forward to helping your pipes flow smoothly once more.