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Pipe Bursting in Bellevue, WA

Broken pipes can now be replaced without ever having to dig a long trenchline, thanks to trenchless technology. At Sewer Solutions NW, we offer a low-cost alternative to traditional pipe replacement services. With the no-dig method of pipe bursting in Bellevue, WA you can save time and money and get back to your day in just a few hours. It’s a service that benefits both homes and businesses alike.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Our digital inspection service begins with a no-dig method that accurately diagnoses and gives us a real-time view of the state of your sewer pipes. Using the latest camera equipment and a flexible line, we can enter any open cleanout in order to see the condition and the extent of damage to your sewer lines. To conduct trenchless pipe bursting for your Bellevue property, all we need are two small access points, one that will serve as the exit point and the other as the entry point. There won’t be any other holes or trenches dug from start to finish.

Our capable technicians insert a bursting head into your Bellevue drain and move it through the existing pipeline as a way to completely split the broken pipe while simultaneously pulling the new one in the exact same location as the old one. Homeowners and commercial property owners can upgrade their pipes to a bigger-sized diameter to improve efficiency and flow. Everything is done above the ground so the soil and your landscape won’t be disturbed. Our expert technicians will make sure the new pipe is in the exact place as the old one to guarantee perfect alignment with your existing Bellevue sewer system.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting Bellevue, WA

Trenchless solutions are non-invasive and save customers a significant amount of time and money. There’s little to no digging needed, which means there are zero mess, disturbance, and no need to hire a landscape contractor to put everything back together after it’s completed. The reduced timeframe and shorter schedule mean you can get back much quicker to your daily activities and obligations. Our trenchless sewer replacement is eco-friendly and burns less fuel while mitigating damage to plant life and the surroundings.

Trenchless technology can be applied in residential and commercial properties and on all kinds of pipe size and material, including clay, cast iron, Orangeburg, truss pipe, asbestos cement, and more. Moreover, it works in almost any setting, whether the location is a peaceful suburban home or a busy street. The new HDPE pipe is made to last for years to come and is not susceptible to common plumbing issues on traditional pipe materials. You can be sure that the new pipe won’t crack, leak, or allow roots to get inside.

Contact Our Team for High-Quality Sewer Replacement Solutions

Pipe bursting in Bellevue is the best solution for rehabilitating worn out, cracked, and severely damaged pipes. Today, you can now have your old sewer lines replaced with a newer and stronger pipe without having to dig up long trenches. Everything is done above the ground for maximum convenience. At Sewer Solutions, our technicians are well-versed in all things trenchless and can have your sewer lines work well as new in just a few hours. Call us today.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.