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Video Camera Inspection in Kirkland, WA

Sewer Solutions NW offers top-quality video camera inspection services to our Kirkland residents. We provide our extensive range of services to residential and commercial spaces in the Kirkland area. Video camera inspections are our go-to when it comes to providing thorough inspections for our clients. Our cameras are high-definition, waterproof, and equipped with bright lights to reveal the true cause of your plumbing problems. See our discounts page for our current Kirkland discount offerings: sometimes, our coupons enable customers to wave the sewer camera inspection fee. You can call Sewer Solutions directly, or submit a digital service request for quality video camera inspection service in Kirkland, WA.

How We Determine if Video Camera Inspection is Necessary

We often pair video camera inspections with other trenchless services. Our cameras help enable us to get up close to the area of your pipeline that is causing issues. We usually conduct video camera inspections before operating on our Kirkland clients’ drains, just to be safe. Our technicians want to fix the problem correctly the first time through, and using video cameras to inspect helps us determine that it is 100% safe to carry out a procedure. Common causes for inspection include frequent clogs, water discoloration, water pressure alteration, odorous pipes, or slow flushing pipes.

How We Professionally Conduct Video Camera Inspections in Kirkland, WA

Before we inspect, we listen to your complaints and concerns. Then, we lower a sewer camera into your pipeline through a drain or opening. Our camera is able to be threaded safely through the affected area to reveal the leading cause of the issue. Sewer cameras are able to spot: pipe corrosion, pipe cracks, leaks, tree root invasions, clogs, or even critters that have become stuck in a pipeline. We always inspect before using any treatments on your pipes because we care about your pipes, your safety, and the environment.

Benefits of Video Camera Inspections for Kirkland Residents and Businesses

Our cameras help us determine that it is 100% safe to operate on your pipes with no digging needed. Plumbing technology has updated to stand significantly beyond unnecessary disruption to the land. We no longer need to dig and to expose a faulty line: we are able to inspect from the inside-out, clean from the inside-out, and even repair from the inside-out. Sewer cameras are the first step we take to empower us to use our tools, and ensure that you, your space, and the land are safe from hazardous fluids and unnecessary disruption.

Call Sewer Solutions for Quality Video Inspection Services in the Kirkland Area

We have over 30 years of experience in providing top-notch service for our clients in Kirkland, WA. Call us today, and be sure to see our current discount offerings to save big, or even wave your video camera inspection fee altogether! Our technicians provide quality service because we care. Sewer Solutions appreciates your time, and we look forward to working with you to resolve your plumbing problems.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.