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The Most Trusted Plumber in Seattle, WA

Do you need to replace a sewer line or make a drain repair? At Sewer Solutions NW, we can help. Our experts offer a variety of drain and sewer repair services in Seattle, WA, to keep your residential or commercial sewers working well. Below are some of the ways our licensed technicians can assist you today in Seattle and nearby areas.

Sewer Repair in Seattle, WA

Your property’s sewer system has a big responsibility. Its job is to remove all the water used in your home or building to the municipal treatment facility. If the system is damaged, this interferes with the wastewater removal process and can cause leaky sewers and backups.

At Sewer Solutions NW, we know how important it is to get precise sewer line repair and replacement service. When you need sewer repair in Seattle, WA, you need experts on the job who know how to spot problems quickly and apply lasting solutions.

We find sewer problems using high-tech equipment like our sewer cameras. These cameras work inside pipes of all sizes and help us pinpoint the exact location of the problem, which improves our accuracy and gives us the information we need to make repair suggestions.

Trenchless Pipe Lining in Seattle, WA

Trenchless sewer lining in Seattle, WA, is a service that many of our customers request. This sewer repair method is ideal for repairing, rehabilitating, and replacing residential and commercial sewer pipes without digging up yards and other surfaces.

It’s a fast and convenient way to fix many sewer problems. Trenchless pipe replacement is also a great option for sewer line replacement when houses are close together and space is limited.

Trenchless pipe repair involves creating a new pipe inside the existing pipe. This pipe is made from epoxy material and set flush with the original line. It’s an ideal way to seal off cracks and misaligned joints. Trenchless sewer replacement gets rid of old, brittle pipes that can’t be restored and insert a new pipe in its place.

Our customers appreciate these sewer repair solutions because they take less time to complete and they don’t tear up yards in the process. With less destruction, there are fewer restoration costs for property owners to worry about.

Drain Cleaning in Seattle, WA

Clogged drains create a mess and make it hard to use a bathroom or kitchen sinks, take a shower, and use the toilet. There are many reasons why drains get stopped up, but our team of drain pros has the tools and know-how to location and clear the toughest clogs.

When you need a local drain cleaning company to assist you with a variety of drain cleaning in Seattle, WA, call Sewer Solutions NW. We use drain snaking and hydro jetting techniques to get water moving through your pipe in no time at all.

Why Choose Us for Drain and Sewer Solutions

Whether you need drain cleaning services in Seattle, WA, drain cleaning services, or another underground pipe repair, the team at Sewer Solutions NW has the experience to get the job done right. We have over 30 years of experience working on underground pipes and an excellent reputation for fair pricing and quick turnaround.

Not every sewer company in Seattle has the equipment or expertise to perform trenchless services, but we do! To learn more about our excellent services, contact us today at (206) 434-0757. Sewer Solutions NW also serves:


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.