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Non-Invasive Pipe Bursting in Seattle, WA, and Surrounding Areas

What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is the ultimate trenchless replacement method. At its most basic level, this method involves intentionally breaking damaged sewer systems with trenchless techniques. This makes replacement easier and safer than the more traditional digging methods.

First, a cone-shaped bursting head is attached to a replacement pipe then fed through the entry point to the broken sewer line. As the point breaks up the existing pipe, the new pipe is fed into place and fills the cavity left behind by the bursting head.

Benefits of pipe bursting include:

  • Less labor-intensive work — No digging means easier work without heavy machinery or manual labor.
  • Less damage to the site — When there is less damage, there is less cleanup and fewer repairs to be made.
  • Fewer repair costs — Pipe bursting saves money by using fewer laborers to both perform the repairs and restore your yard to its previous, beautiful condition.
  • Improved safety — Excavations are hazardous, as they can often dig up mold and asbestos. Skip the digging altogether to protect you and your family.
  • Increased flow — Installing a larger pipe with pipe bursting allows for smoother flow and fewer chances for blockages.

When you need to have a team repair or replace a sewer line, the first thought you will have maybe the expense. As this may entail underground pipe repair, you never want to underestimate the cost. What many people don’t realize is the cost of sewer line replacement or repair isn’t limited to the job itself. You also have to take into consideration the time to repair and the restoration costs of repairing your yard following the service.

As sewer line repair or replacement is necessary because of broken, corroded, or cracked pipes, Sewer Solutions NW offers superior, non-invasive sewer repair services in Seattle, WA, and nearby areas. Find out how services like pipe bursting and pipe lining benefit homeowners.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement through Pipe Bursting

In some instances, we can’t perform sewer pipe line repair. This usually happens when the pipe has deteriorated to a point that inserting a liner doesn’t work. There has to be a substantial amount of pipe material intact for lining to work.

In situations like these, we use a trenchless sewer replacement method called pipe bursting. This method uses hydraulic power to push a steel bursting head through the damaged pipe. The head breaks up the pipe into tiny pieces and pushes them aside to be absorbed by the soil. As this is happening, a new pipe is dragged into place. Pipe bursting requires two small access points and can get you a new sewer line within a matter of hours.

What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

This is a non-invasive method that doesn’t require digging like tradition pipe line repair does. Instead of creating a trench in your yard to reach the underground pipe, we use equipment that only requires one or two small access points. One of these access points is usually a sewer cleanout.

Trenchless sewer repair in Seattle, WA is preferred by sewer contractors and homeowners because it causes less mess, takes less time to complete, and delivers superior services. Trenchless pipe repair is ideal for accessing pipes under landscaped areas, concrete surfaces, and more.

At Sewer Solutions NW, we use a variety of advanced techniques to repair and replace sewer lines in this manner. Here are some of the reasons our customers prefer trenchless services:

  • Efficient repairs that save money and time
  • Most repairs take 24-48 hours to complete
  • Keeps landscaping, driveways, patios, and lawns intact
  • Minimal, if any, restoration costs
  • Repairs are permanent and meet all industry standards for pipe services

Trenchless Pipe Repair

One trenchless method we use to repair or restore damaged underground pipes is pipe lining. This method repairs pipes by inserting a liner into the pipe, which essentially creates a pipe-within-a pipe. It’s a great way to seal small cracks, joints, and holes while creating a stronger sewer system. To learn more about trenchless pipe lining in Seattle, WA, and nearby areas, call Sewer Solutions NW today.

Our team also offers the following services in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas:

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Trenchless pipe repair and replacement is a new concept for many property owners. We know you have questions, and we have answers. We offer pipe bursting and other forms of trenchless sewer repair in:

If you are ready to replace your pipes quickly, safely, and with minimal damage to your property, contact us today. We look forward to helping your pipes flow smoothly once more.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.