The Benefits Of Video Pipe Inspection

The Benefits Of Video Pipe Inspection

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One of the most exciting technological innovations that has happened in the world of sewer pipe repair is video pipe inspection. It is the newest way to know what is wrong with your plumbing, and it is a highly effective way to diagnose a problem without having to tear your entire system apart.

Video pipe inspections can be a boon to your sewer pipe repair and replacement, but it’s important to know why, and what you’re losing if you don’t have them. Fortunately, this is a service we offer at no extra charge to our clients. If you’re in the Seattle area and you have to do work on your sewer pipes or utility lines, there is no reason not to call us as your go-to repair company. Here are some things you should know about video pipe inspection.

Video pipe inspection is essentially the practice of attaching a waterproof camera to a long line and lowering it into your plumbing.

It Allows Us to Provide a More Accurate Quote

While every business undoubtedly tries earnestly to give an accurate estimation of how much a service should cost relative to the time and expenses of a company, sometimes there is guesswork involved. Before video pipe inspection was a thing, this is how it was with sewer line repair and replacement.

Now, with the video capabilities, we’re able to dive into your pipe and see exactly what the problem is firsthand. If there’s corrosion happening, a major clog, or cracking and structural damage, these are all things that we can observe and record.

When we know the cause of the problem, we’ll know the solution as well, allowing us to provide you with an exact quote that’s fair — for both you and us.

Some Problems Are Hard to Diagnose Normally

When your sewer or utility line has corroded pipes, leaking joints, and root infiltration, these can all be things that are hard to discover in normal circumstances. You might see little symptoms here and there, or start to experience small clogs, but short of breaking the ground open and taking a magnifying glass to the pipe itself, it’s extremely hard to get an accurate reading of what could be happening to your pipes down below.

Video pipe inspection has allowed us to see many things that were an absolute hassle to find before, and if you hire a company that doesn’t offer this as a service, be prepared for them to either tear apart your yard or give a diagnosis that’s based on guesswork.

It’s Good for Preventative Maintenance

One great thing about video pipe inspection is that it allows us to find problems before they become, well, bigger problems. Suppose a root has grown into your pipe and it’s slowly penetrating. This might not be a serious issue early on and the effects might be minimal, or may be difficult to notice at all. But as time goes on, it could grow into a much more serious problem.

Video pipe inspection is, in a way, preventative maintenance because it allows you to nip little problems in the bud before they get much worse. We can inspect your sewer pipe system and utility lines for you to ensure that everything is perfectly pleasant — and if it’s not, we can swiftly conduct sewer pipe repair before the problem becomes dire.

What are you waiting for? If you’re in the Seattle area, we are the company to call for your sewer line repair and replacement needs. We’ll provide a video pipe inspection free of charge, and serve you with integrity and diligence. Contact us today!


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.