3 Common Summer Sewage Problems

3 Common Summer Sewage Problems

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The sewers are a complex and intricate system that shuttle toilet and sink waste out of your home. Unfortunately, problems can arise, and these problems tend to compound during the warm season. We’ll outline the top three summer sewage problems homeowners and businesses should be privy to.

1. Foul Odors

Small-scale droughts tend to occur during the summer. This means less water running through the sewer line. This increases the chances of waste remaining in the sewer for prolonged periods of time. When rainfall eventually occurs, it can cause the sewer to overflow and bring the stench of waste water to the surface.

2. Health Problems

Decomposing waste leads to microbiological air pollution. People living near municipal sewer lines may experience symptoms ranging from loss of appetite to insomnia. The foul odor also attracts cockroaches, rats, and other disease-carrying pests. This not only endangers human health but also the health of livestock. Despite being a metropolitan area, Seattle is home to numerous farms located within an hour’s drive of the main city.

This issue alone makes it absolutely vital for city officials to schedule regular sewer cleanings and underground utility installations.

3. Infrastructure Damage

As mentioned, summer means less water, making it harder for plants to stay hydrated. If trees and shrubs aren’t receiving water from mother nature, then they will grab it from the sewers by extending their roots to the sewage. Roots can block and erupt pipes, causing major blockages or overflows. Root intrusion is a major problem for both city and residential sewer lines.

We Address Summer Sewage Problems

Sewer Solutions serves both the public and private sector. Sewer maintenance increases during this time of year. This is an ideal time to schedule an inspection to be sure the sewer lines are healthy. Our special offers make it affordable to prevent common sewage problems.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.