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Are Your Drains Ready for Winter?

Are Your Drains Ready for Winter?

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With winter approaching fast, it’s important to ensure your home and plumbing system is ready for the changes in temperature. You may want to schedule drain cleaning services with Sewer Solutions NW if you have a problem with clogged drains and take extra steps to prepare your drains for winter.

drain cleaning in Kirkland, WA

Clean Your Drains

Cleaning your drains is important. It allows them to function properly and keeps them odor-free. Use a handful of baking soda and chase it down with white vinegar. You can allow it to sit overnight and then run the hot water the next morning. For more effective and longer lasting results, however, we recommend scheduling professional drain cleaning in Kirkland, WA.

Clear Clogs

If you have a clogged drain, it’s good practice to clear them in time for the upcoming winter season. Do what you can to eliminate hair, gunk and other debris and leave the really bad clogs to the professionals.

Some of the best ways to clear a clog is through drain snaking and hydro jetting. If you have a plumbing snake and know how to use it, you can attempt to dislodge the blockage in your drain. It’s important to be careful, however, as you can easily scratch your pipe’s interior. This method of drain cleaning is best left to the experts to ensure lasting results and avoid any damage to your plumbing.

Check Them for Draining

You will also want to check your drains to see whether they are properly draining. Go around the house and look at all your sinks, showers, bathtubs and toilet. If anything isn’t draining well, you can get services from the pros.

If you live in Washington and need a reputable drain cleaning company to perform drain cleaning services at your home, contact Sewer Solutions NW at your earliest convenience. We offer a wide range of plumbing solutions to help keep your plumbing system in excellent condition this winter.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.