How To Diagnose A Leaky Drain Under Concrete Slab

How To Diagnose A Leaky Drain Under Concrete Slab

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Pipes that are out of sight are often out of mind until something leaks or breaks. How can you tell when a leaky drain under a concrete slab is needs repair? We’ll go over the symptoms and explain why a faulty drain under concrete is more problematic than you may think.

Symptoms of Leaky Drain Under Concrete

In most homes and businesses, the plumbing is located underground and downhill leading to the sewer main or septic tank. This allows gravity to do the work when shuttling waste away water from your home.

So, how can you diagnose a broken pipe under concrete? After all, it’s not like you have x-ray vision. Look for these signs that may indicate a problem:

  • Wet spots on the concrete
  • Cracked concrete
  • Concrete breaking away in chunks

Why This Is Problematic

Moisture can permeate the surface. The water can spread beyond the concrete and into other areas. The flooding can spoil carpets and cause wood to rot and warp. Left unattended, mold can eventually grow inside the walls, cabinets, and plaster board.

This is why regular sewer cleaning is so important. An inspection often accompanies a routine cleaning. A checkup will determine the presence of a faulty or leaky pipe. A technician can place a new lining inside the damaged pipe without removing any of the concrete.

A Drain Leak Can Cause Concrete Cancer

Yes, concrete can be diagnosed with cancer. When water leaks into the concrete, it also gets into the steel that reinforces the slabs. The steel expands, causing the concrete to crack. This eventually leads to spalling or sections of the slab breaking away altogether. This is known as concrete cancer.

We’ll Diagnose a Faulty Drain Under the Concrete

Too often, we have observed a leaky pipe causing costly damage to basement and garage floors. Call Sewer Solutions for special offers for sewer line inspections and utility installation services. Don’t let a faulty drain under the concrete wreak havoc on your home.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.