What Exactly Are Rooter Services?

What Exactly Are Rooter Services?

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Most people have heard of rooter services and use the term interchangeably with plumbing services. Some plumbing companies do offer limited rooter services. However, the two terms indicate different operations. It helps to know the difference before you pick up the phone to call a local plumber.

Rooter Services Explained

Plumbers are the guys that fix a leaky faucet or install a new toilet. Rooters, by contrast, deal specifically with tree and plant roots that have made their way into the pipes. Early methods for removing roots consisted of a steel cable similar to the modern-day plumber’s snake. Today other methods include root-killing chemicals and hydro-jetting.

Should You Call a Plumber or Rooter?

Of course, you won’t know what is causing a backup until someone inspects the pipes. As mentioned, most plumbing companies these days also provide rooter services. However, the service may be limited to diagnosing the problem and then referring you to a rooter company.

For an extensive root invasion, you may need to contact a rooter service. We provide this service as part of our sewer cleaning process. In more severe instances, we may need to exhume the pipe underneath your yard and disassemble it in order to remove the roots. We also do this as an additional service.

Roots aren’t generally a major problem because modern pipelines are more sturdily built. However, your sewer line may be vulnerable to roots if it’s an older system that hasn’t been updated in the last 30 years or so.

We Are a Certified Rooter Company

Give Sewer Solutions a call if you’re experiencing a major sewage backup. Rooter services are our other specialty besides utility installation. We can remove root intrusions and replace any broken pipes they caused. Our rooter services include full camera inspection for diagnosing the problem and making subsequent repairs.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.