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How Long Does the Pipe Lining Process Take?

How Long Does the Pipe Lining Process Take?

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If you’re concerned about possible downtime for your household or business during an upcoming trenchless pipe lining in Seattle, WA project, Sewer Solutions NW can help educate you on the overall process. The time that’s required for a pipe lining project varies from job to job, but the process can be broken down into three basic phases.

trenchless pipe lining in Seattle, WA

Preparation Time

Before tackling any trenchless sewer repair or replacement project, our team performs an in-depth inspection to eliminate any unpleasant surprises later on. We also clean the pipeline if needed for better repair results. These tasks can usually be carried out in one to two days unless the repair area is extremely large.

Pipe Lining Time

In many cases, trenchless pipe replacement liners must be custom-made for the job. This is often the longest stage of the process and can take a few days to a few weeks depending upon the manufacturer’s workload and availability. Once the liner is on hand, our skilled personnel can generally install it in just a few hours.

Curing Time

Before a sewer line can be used after a trenchless sewer replacement or repair job, the liner must be given time to cure properly. We can speed the curing process up by adding heat, but this stage of the work usually requires anywhere from one hour to two days to fully complete. After the newly installed lining passes a follow-up check, the pipe is ready for service once again.

For reliable trenchless pipe repair, Sewer Solutions NW is the only company to trust. We can provide you with quality repair and replacement services and educate you on the different processes involved. Contact us today to request an estimate for our services and to go over any questions or concerns that you may have about the trenchless pipe repair process or our other services.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.