Does Your Insurance Cover Sewer Relining Repair?

Does Your Insurance Cover Sewer Relining Repair?

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Customers often ask us if their homeowner’s insurance covers sewer relining repair. We always give the same answer: You need to consult with your insurance agent. Even then, the answer is hardly ever a simple “yes” or “no.”

When Does Insurance Cover Sewer Relining Work?

Most home insurance provides some basic forms of coverage, such as dwelling damage, which may include damaged underground pipelines. If not, you can select additional protection that includes sewer failure and drain backup coverage.

However, having such coverage doesn’t mean you’re automatically protected under all circumstances. The cause of damage comes into play as well. Does your coverage include damage caused by an “act of God?” In insurance lingo, “act of God” refers to any non-man-made damage, or in other words, damage by nature. This includes earthquakes, storm-induced floods, lightning, soil disturbance, etc.

Damage from old age and general wear and tear usually doesn’t qualify. Why? Because it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to prevent wear and tear by conducting regular sewer cleaning. Some insurers may require homeowners to submit paperwork verifying they had a professional inspect their sewer at the required intervals.

Finally, most insurance companies require the damage to reach a specified monetary level before the policy kicks in. Our additional service includes sewer inspections to verify degree of damage. We submit our estimate to the insurance. If the damage is below the threshold, then the insurance will not cover it.

We Repair Sewers Regardless of Cause of Damage

Call Sewer Solutions if your sewer line needs repairs, an inspection, or a routine cleaning. Our special offers cover the inspection cost when services include sewer line repairs. Whether your homeowner’s insurance covers sewer relining depends on your specific policy. So review the policy carefully.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.