Sewer Maintenance Tips for the First Quarter

Sewer Maintenance Tips for the First Quarter

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Preventive maintenance is vital to ensure the efficiency of your sewer systems. Proper sewer line maintenance identifies potential issues in your drainage system. Devoid of maintenance, your sewer system is likely to exhibit recurring clogging. Additionally, you may incur huge expenses in the repair costs. At Sewer Solutions NW, we provide exceptional sewer repair services in Bellevue, WA to ensure an effective drainage system. Here are the best sewer maintenance tips for the first quarter.

Proper Disposal

Inappropriate disposal of household items is the primary reason behind recurrent clogs, so it’s important to be mindful of what you throw down the drain. Disposing of food via the kitchen sink is not recommended, as food remains accumulate in the sewer lines and obstruct drainage. Other items that lead to blockage include soap scum, hair, diapers, and cotton swabs.

It will help if you get a trash can for disposing of such products. Prompt sewer pipe line repair is also crucial to protect your drains from recurring blockage.


Regular Drain Cleaning

Frequent drain cleaning services will come in handy to ensure effective water flow. Professional drain cleaning eliminates any buildup of debris and dirt within the sewer lines. Typically, expert drain cleaning saves you from the expensive costs of sewer line replacement and repair.

Check for Tree Root Infiltration

Invasion by tree roots eventually results in massive damage to the sewer lines. Tree root growth is quite common, especially if you have deep-rooted trees in your yard. As the roots elongate, they block the entire width of the sewer lines. Consequently, the sewer system exhibits slow drainage and sewage backup. In the event of root invasion, it’s best if you consider sewer line replacement.

Replace Old Sewer Systems

As the sewer lines grow older, their internal structure begins to wear. Therefore, older sewer systems are highly prone to recurring blockage and malfunction. If your sewer system has served for over 20 years, it would be best to replace sewer line to avoid issues and extensive property damage.

Sewer Solutions NW can provide you with impeccable sewer line repair and replacement services. After an initial inspection, we will provide you with the appropriate solution for your sewer concerns. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.