Why Storm Drain Cleaning Is Important

Why Storm Drain Cleaning Is Important

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Rising water in the Seattle area isn’t exceptionally common, but it does occur. In public areas, this can cause massive damage, especially to stationary vehicles. Storm drains are essential for ensuring these areas don’t become flooded. Storm drain cleaning is a vital process that ensures the drains can handle the next heavy rain.

The Role of Public Storm Drains

Seattle does receive the occasional storm with heavy precipitation. This is especially the case during early winter. Areas below ground level, such as lower-level parking floors, are especially prone to flooding. Storm drains are designed to provide an exit for this excess water. Occasionally they become clogged with silt and debris.

The Storm Drain Cleaning Process

Storm drain management is normally a part of the sewer cleaning process when we inspect municipal sewer lines. We typically use water jetting to wash storm drains and clear them of debris buildup. Highly pressurized and concentrated jets of water deliver enough power to remove sludge and even tree roots.

Storm drains near food-service establishments, such as restaurants and food processing plants, are especially prone to sludge accumulation. These require more frequent cleaning, perhaps as often as a quarterly or even monthly wash.

We advise store owners and city officials to keep an eye on the local storm drains during the next rain. If water is backing up, that is not a good sign. You need to call Sewer Solutions right away, because the drains may not be able to handle the next downpour.

Clogged Storm Drain Solutions in Seattle

Businesses would be wise to start the year by maintaining their drains. If maintenance is not their responsibility, then they should alert city administrators. We also install storm drains as part of our utility installation for property under development. Our special offers are affordable with great service including, but not limited to trenchless sewer repairs and storm drain cleaning. Contact us today!


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.