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The Top Causes of Sewer Damage

The Top Causes of Sewer Damage

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With the important role it plays in your home, you want your sewer line to work properly at all times. Without proper maintenance, however, problems can occur that would require professional sewer repair services in Kirkland, WA. Sewer Solutions NW discusses the main causes of sewer damage today.

Tree Roots

sewer repair services in Kirkland, WATree roots are one of the top causes of damage to your sewer line. If you live in an area that experiences very little rainfall, they can spread out on your property and into your plumbing system seeking water. Tree roots can also be attracted to your sewer line because of the waste products they contain that can serve as fertilizer. When you have a tree root invasion in your system, call for professional sewer line repair in Kirkland, WA right away.


Clogs are another common reason for sewer damage. These are caused by bad drain habits and flushing the wrong things down the toilet. To avoid this problem, you should refrain from flushing feminine hygiene products, diapers, cooking grease and oil down your toilet and drains. While clogs are fairly common, persistent and recurring clogs can be a sign of a more serious problem. After a camera inspection, we may have to replace sewer line in Kirkland, WA to ensure optimal flow.


When rodents get into your sewer line, they can cause considerable damage that leads to leaks and other problems. It’s important to call for sewer pipe line repair in Kirkland, WA if you suspect that there are rats in your sewer line to avoid property damage.

Structural Wear and Tear

Over time, your pipes will become corroded, sediments will build up and cracks and holes will develop as a result of the regular wear and tear your sewer line experiences. This can lead to leaks, blockages and more issues. If it has been a long time since your last replacement, we may recommend a sewer line replacement in Kirkland, WA.

When in need of reliable sewer repair services in Kirkland, WA, look no further than Sewer Solutions NW. We offer a wide range of services and can ensure quality results. Contact Sewer Solutions NW today for inquiries.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.