Understanding Trenchless Technology

Understanding Trenchless Technology

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If you are looking for a team that can assist you with trenchless sewer replacement, trenchless repair or trenchless pipe lining in Seattle WA, rely on Sewer Solutions Northwest. First, let's give you some valuable information.

The first thing we want to tell you is that trenchless repairs are a magnificent alternative to traditional sewer pipe repairs. Trenchless repairs utilize "no-dig" technology. With this, we don't have to create a large "construction zone" in your yard with major digging. After all, people don't want their yards dug up if at all possible. There are a couple of primary techniques that we'll tell you about below. Most of all, our customers are generally happy to hear they can have trenchless pipe repair or trenchless pipe replacement.

Traditional sewer repairs that require companies to dig up your yard can take days and they can be tremendously expensive. Trenchless repair is much faster. We use a video camera to confirm all of the problems that exist in your sewer pipes. It is not intrusive at all. We do not have to dig and customers love that.

Trenchless repairs also can last for years. They will save you time and they will also save you money.

An Overview of Trenchless Repairs

Our focus is on a couple of different kinds of trenchless repairs. We are experts at both. The first that we provide is trenchless pipe lining in Seattle WA. Trenchless pipe lining is the process of us installing a pipe liner that's also known in the plumbing business as a cured in place pipe. Others may know this simply as a pipe liner. We slide the pipe liner into the damaged pipe. By doing this, we eliminate any need to actually remove the damaged pipe. Because of this, we do not have to do any major digging in your yard. The pipe liner is a flexible tube of resin that we pull into the damaged pipe and then inflate. Pipe lining is not an excellent option if you have a lateral sewer line that has recently collapsed. It's also not a good option if the sewer line has line joints.

The resin cures within a few hours when you do pipe lining. After that happens, you'll have a new pipe that is safely inside of the old, damaged pipe you wanted to be fixed. After you do this, your waste will be properly transported from your home through to your sewer. Your pipe's diameter will be reduced by only 1/4th of an inch.

The next type of trenchless repair is pipe bursting. In this method, we pull a new sewer pipe through the currently damaged sewer pipe. We fracture it as we pull it through. With this method, we only have to dig two small access holes in your yard. With this method, we can fix a collapsed lateral sewer line as well as long as there is enough room for us to pull a cable through the sewer line.

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We can help you to understand trenchless pipe repair better. We also can perform repairs for you at an expert level, call us now!


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.

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