When to Replace Your Sewer Line

When to Replace Your Sewer Line

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When to Replace Your Sewer Line

There comes a time when you will need sewer line repair in Seattle, WA. After all, no pipe lasts forever. However, you might be surprised how long pipes can last. At Sewer Solutions Northwest, we advise clients that:

  • Clay pipes, which are no longer installed, may last between 50 and 60 years.
  • Cast iron pipes last between 75 and 100 years.
  • PVC pipe may last forever; although, it's too early to tell.

So there's a good chance you can need our sewer repair services in Seattle, WA. However, these are only estimates and the specific conditions that apply to your sewer line can shorten its life span. Conditions that can impact your sewer line include earthquakes, nearby construction, tree roots, poor installation, and other issues.

In the event that you need to repair or replace sewer line in Seattle, WA, you'll need to recognize the signs. Look for a gurgling toilet, slow drains, a sewage smell in and around your home, or lawn that appears to move. These signs indicate a blockage or even damage to your existing sewer line that requires the services of Sewer Solutions NW.

Homeowners worry that the process to repair or replace a sewer line will be costly and involve digging up their entire yard or driveway, perhaps extending into their neighbor's yard. While traditional dining methods involved excavating land about the sewer line in question, new "no dig" methods are less invasive and may involve a single hole. Furthermore, pipes can now be repaired and last another 50 years without a full replacement. Modern methods tend to be less expensive, too. This is especially true with sewer pipeline repair in Seattle, WA, courtesy of Sewer Solutions NW.

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Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.

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