Why Trenchless Ensures Efficiency

Why Trenchless Ensures Efficiency

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Most homeowners make the mistake of postponing sewer pipe repairs or replacement because of the cleanup required afterwards. If dug up trenches and lengthy repair times are some of the reasons why you decide to forego a professional solution, you'll appreciate that trenchless pipe lining in Kirkland, WA is something we specialize in at Sewer Solutions NW. This no-dig method of repair ensures efficiency from start to finish. Here’s how:

No Major Surface Disruptions

Trenchless sewer repair is done in a way that doesn't require excavation. So, your landscape won't have to be replaced after the work is done, nor will you have to deal with heavy machinery on your property. With commercial trenchless techniques, concrete-covered or paved surfaces can also be spared.

Less Labor and Time

Even with trenchless sewer replacement involving pipe bursting, the job can be done with fewer crew members. This boosts efficiency by allowing the work to be completed in less time compared to what's typical with traditional methods. In fact, it's not unusual for trenchless repairs to be completed in half a day or less.

Preserving the Original Pipe

With trenchless pipe lining, the original pipe is not replaced when it's repaired. Because the target pipe is fixed internally with a new coating, the repair process is much more efficient. You'll also be rewarded with a like-new pipe that works more efficiently once it's able to support full flow.

The first step with trenchless pipe replacement or repair is to contact Sewer Solutions NW to find out if trenchless options are right for your situation. After an initial inspection, we will be able to determine if excavation alternatives are appropriate and efficiently and affordably deliver the expected results.

Get in touch with our professional team today to learn more about trenchless pipe lining and other efficient pipe repair options we offer.


Applies to sewer line repairs requiring digital camera diagnosis.